What is Revision Rhinoplasty?
Revision Rhinoplasty surgery is performed to patients who are unhappy and unsatisfied from their previous nose surgery. Besides patients’ dissatisfaction, there may be some new additional conditions that concern the doctor. It is possible to fix these problems during revision surgery. If you had a poor nose operation before, do not worry about it and just focus on your new revision rhinoplasty plan.

What kind of problems can be fixed with Revision Rhinoplasty?
Crooked nose
Tip asymmetry
Sharp, pointy nose tip and asymmetry
Cartilage protrusions
Nose with a hump on the bridge
Excessively lifted nose
Nostril asymmetry
Sore nose deformities
Polly beak deformity
Deformations related to breathing functions

Just like any other surgery, patients’ expectations must be in sync with the reality for revision rhinoplasty surgery. It is delusional to expect a huge change after the surgery. It is definite that you nose will look better and you will feel better than before. I often tell my patients that it is not easy to fix the poorly operated nose and make it a better nose. It is realistic to expect, aim for 1 level better than the current level. Our goal is to fix & elevate the bad nose into an average nose and an average nose into an appealing nose. Detailed examination is required to understand the patient and what made
him/her unhappy about the previous surgery.
Doctor’s goal is to fix the look and eliminate the parts that are bothersome.

Following parts will be critical while examining the patient:
Aesthetic parts;
Upper part – Nasal bones
Mid part – cartilage tissue
Tip of nose and nostrils
Skin type

Septum deviation, conchas, nasal valve and allergies
Of course, it is important to have an attractive, beautiful nose but please note that it is also important to have a healthy nasal functions of your nose.