Tonsils and Adenoids Surgery
What’s an adenoid)
Adenoids are glands located in the roof of mouth behind the soft palate where the nose connects to the throat in every child.

When will adenoids cause problems?
If adenoids get swollen, enlarged and infected frequently. The children cannot breath well when adenoids get swollen.
Chronic flu, stuffed nose blocking the airway and causing a middle ear infection. Respiratory health of children gets critical and requires a surgery.
Difficulty breathing and snoring symptoms require a surgery.

What are the common symptoms?
Children will get stuffy nose, runny nose and middle ear inflammation.

Why do children get a surgery if adenoids disappear when children grow up?
Children who do not get treated may end -up becoming deaf because of the harm caused by infection and middle ear infection. They may end up with
chronic sinuses, bigger tonsils, deterioration in mouth and deal structure.

How to treat a middle ear infection?
Acute pain in ears, loss of hearing, ear stream are some of the complaints caused by middle ear infections. The most common in children following flu and influenza. It will be treated by medications like antibiotics, pain killers and phlegm remover.

What if reoccurring middle ear infection is not treated?
It will become chronic. Possible to have a perforation of ear membrane, loss of ear discharge and loss of hearing. If no recovery despite the medical treatment and timpanogram tests then it is possible that patient had a loss of hearing. In that case, ear fluid needs to be removed by surgery. If the fund is glue-air and sticky then ventilation tube will be placed in eardrum. Tubes need to be stay in for six months and during then no water inside ear or sniffing. These tubes will come out by itself after six months period if not, doctor will take them out at the clinic.
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How do you treat the reoccurring infections on children tonsils?
First, the cause infections need to be find out. Allergy, lack of immune system and poor external conditions might some of the reasons and they need to be changed first. If the child’s tonsils get infected 4/5 times a year and and if this happened for 3 years in a row, then we suggest their tonsils to be removed by surgery. Another case is when the child snores heavily, tonsils get big and cannot breath well then we also recommend surgical operation to be performed.

How to treat snoring children who have enlarged tonsils?
If there is a frequent tonsil infection and tonsils block airway then the surgery is needed. When parents or relatives ask why surgery we kindly explain the reason is due to trouble in breathing.
Back in the days, tonsils were removed totally but since it is one of the 12 tissues that aids the overall immune system, we do not want to remove tonsils unless it is necessary. Radio frequency technique shrinks tonsils and let them do their functions. No pain, short operation, no bleeding and fast

What techniques used in adenoids surgery?
Different techniques used compared to classic approach. We use endoscopic shaver where endoscopy is used via nose and a tool named shaver gently removes adenoids at once so no need for a second surgery. Soft tissues and healthy tissues will not be touched. need for second surgery.

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