Snoring is a social problem mainly seen in male patients. Health problem occurs if a patient starts to experience a sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea is a cause of many health problems such as hearth disease, memory loss lung, brain and sexual problems.
Person who snores are often avoided during travels and holidays.
Weight gain as well as weight loss can cause sleep apnea
Newly married couples suffer if there is a snoring problem.
Concentration along with sexual problems occur among couples.
Snoring patients need to be take sleeping test and examined throughly by EEN doctors.

  • Breathing problems:
    – Sleeping with mouth-open
    – Stuffy nose
    – Snoring
    – Stop breathing while sleepingPatients will be examined and categorised based on their symptoms. Sleep apnea (mild or heavy) needs to be determined. Each category is treated

Loose weight, no sleep on back, at least 4 hours before taking a sleep, no alcohol consumption to prevent symptoms.

Surgical procedure:
Operation via nose and throat.
Correcting the nasal deviation and straighten the crook nose
Drooping palate, enlarged tonsils, conchas, enlarged tongue root need to be fixed.
Sleep endoscopy is used to all throat surgeries prior to operation.
Radio frequency waves given to patients throat with no incision. One session of frequency waved is given. Mşld pain and mild bleeding compared to traditional operations.

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