What is deviated nasal septum surgery?

Often people call it bone or deviated cartilage surgery. There is a form of cartilage in the mid section of our nose and there is a bone underneath and behind it. Patients nose get blocked either at birth or after having a trauma at older age.
Person’s nasal bones and cartilage structure changes till the age of 15-18. If their age allows, a patient can get a correction surgery. We call this a Septoplasty surgery.

How is Septoplasty performed?
Local or general anaesthesia is given to the patient and the surgery takes approximately 10-15min.

Do you use Hammer to make the correction?
No. Deviated septum is fixed via Ultrasonic (CUSA) and gets vacuumed. Here’s the advantages:
– even tiny fracture of bones and protrusions get fixed
-Minimal jaw pain since no hitting on upper jaw.
-No bleeding since there is no breaking bones

Is it painful to remove tampons?
Depends on each person. We use silicone tampons which is easier to breath with and easy to remove. In some occasions, we use no tampons.

When can I go back to work?
2 days after. We remove patients’ tampons 2 days post-op. It is important that they avoid heated/warm environment and avoid getting hit on the face for
the next 10 days.
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