What is prominent ear (cup ear) deformity?
Shape deformity on ears occurred either at birth or afterwards. Prominent ears is the most common deformity that spoils the overall look. There is a
huge angle between the ear and the head that doesn’t look aesthetic. Sometimes there is an absence of in-ear folds as well.

What type of techniques used to correct prominent ears?
There are different techniques used by surgeons. Depending on ears, we often use ear pinning method which means no incision. Since there is no
incision, patients have less swelling, no bandage and easy recovery.

How do they do cosmetic ear pinning?
Using local anaesthesia and determining the operation areas. The process of hanging starts to correct the angle. No bleeding occurs since there is no incision. No swelling, bruising or scarring. No bandage needed after the operation.

What is the proper age to get the surgery?
Otoplasty can be performed to patients at any age.

How would be my hearing post Prominent Ear surgery?
It does not harm the hearing of the ear.

Can anyone tell I had a Prominent Ear Surgery?
Natural look will be given. Minimal scar in between the ear and head that folds therefore no one can notice it by looking.

When can I go back to work?
1 day after the surgery, you can go back to work.

When can I take shower?
5 days after the surgery, you can wash your head.

How is the recovery post surgery?
Fast recovery is expected due to ear pinning method we use. Minimal swelling, bruising and no bandage required. Tenis bandage will be used at nights for 1.5-2 months post operation.
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