How does conchae grow?
Permanent growth and swelling in conchae occur when there is a nose infection, concha allergy or a long-term usage of sprays like Otrivine, Illadin

Time to time when conchae shrink, patient feels comfortable breathing however when they grow, the quality of their life turns around.

How do you perform the operation?
Patient gets tested before the surgery. We shrink conchae via radio frequency. It takes 5 minutes under local anaesthesia. Endoscopy is used to shrink conchae via radio frequency technique. No pain and no tampon post surgery. No one from outside can notice the operation.


When should I expect to see the result?
Radio frequency treatment applied to conchas and it takes about 2 months for it to shrink and become to its normal size.

Is it possible for conchae to regrow?
If the reasons developing the conchae at first stage continue, and not treated (such as continue using nasal spray, frequent flu, not treating allergy) then conchae can grow back over the years. However, if patient pays attention and takes care then there won’t be any need for another surgery.

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