Masculine appearance should be given to male patients. Depending on facial type and harmony, we decide on operation process.
In general, tip of nose is not lifted much, not narrowed and curved much. The angle for male patients remain 90 degrees between the nose and lips in men whereas this angle is 105 degrees for women.

If a straigh and slightly lifted nose is desired, then the prominent nose area, cheek and chin lines will b created to prevent any feminine look.
A soft jaw and cheek bones can make the nose look bigger. In order to fix this, we may recommend patient to get few additional things done.

Reducing the size of the nose, giving a straight look and keeping the nose elevated with strong appearance will give patient a more natural look.

Male patients’ requests have less homogeneous integrity than female patients. Thus, male patients often concerned about hump on the nasal bridge, drooping tip or wide nasal tip. Correcting these parts are often enough for male patients. There is no standardised aesthetic nose type for male

Fixing the breathing problem can be the main motivation behind male patients. Requests for the appearance can be derived from a trauma or seconder modifications.

Middle age and older men often have stable body image and major changes can make them unhappy. On the contrary, adolescents are more flexible to get significant changes.

Despite the cautious approach, male patients get more revision done than the female patients. Therefore, we carefully discuss & design mock-up nose prior to the surgery.

Male patients have thicker and oily skin therefore they often experience longer period of swelling. Improving the skin and shrinking the skin pore helps.
Also, fractionated carbon dioxide laser application helps improving the skin quality. Having a thicker bone and cartilage may cause more bruising and swelling on male patients.
Sport-related injuries and traumas are more common in male patients. We often come across male patients with septum deviation and we need to fix it during the rhinoplasty surgery.

Ethnicity is more prominent in male patients. Black-sea region nose or Arabic nose are the two most common type classification.
1- Black Sea Region Nose: Relatively thin skin with an obvious hump on the nasal bridge, not a wide nose but tip is downward.
2 – Arabic nose: Long, becomes wider towards tip, thick skin covering tip of the nose. Droopy nasal tip.