How should I care after Rhinoplasty?
What care should be taken after Rhinoplasty?
Nose is at the centre of our face and connected to many places therefore post-operative care is extremely important. Complicated organ therefore requires a complicated aftercare. Even the small things matter at this stage.

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia. Fatigue can be seen for few days post op. Therefore, patient should stop socialising for few days and rest at home.

Sleeping position
In order to speed up the recovery process, patient should sleep on his/her back with 2 pillows behind head till the silicones are removed. Two pillows should be placed while resting and sleeping.

Dry Mouth
Silicones remain inside your nose for few days therefore breathing out of your mouth and nose can cause chapped lips and dry mouth. You can use chapstick to moisturise your lips. Drink lots of water and liquid for dry mouth. You should drink liquids with a straw and slowly with little amounts.


It is an expected course to get a pink or light red-color small bleeding discharge from your nose following rhinoplasty. It is very normal. However, if you are experiencing a nasal discharge of a blood-like texture and blood color then you should contact your doctor immediately.

Brushing Teeth
Avoid hard brushing and not moving/touching upper lips while brushing your teeth. Use a soft toothbrush.

Avoid direct sunlight till the 1 month post op

No heavy sports till 2 weeks post op. Light pace walking may comfort you. Avoid tiresome daily chores and avoid bending. Avoid positions that require any straining.

Eye glasses
No eye glasses since they pressure the nose. We suggest patients to wear contact lenses 3-4 days after the surgery if necessary. No glass till the 2 months post op.

Nasal Congestion
It is normal to get nose congested after removing silicons. Breathing out from mouth will continue for sometime.

Cleaning Nose
You can gently clean your nose after removing silicons. Close one of your nostrils with your finger gently and then blow gently. And then the other nostril. Avoid any stiff action and do not force into your nostril.

Nasal spray/ drops
Common misconception is to use spray or drop to treat scars. Please do NOT use any of these without consulting your Doctor. You need doctor’s approval before using anything.